Aqua Flies

Aqua Flies - Stu's Mini Intruder Steelhead Shank Fly Fishing Fly - Golden Orange - Set of 3 Flies

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Aqua Flies Mini Intruders are tied on short length 25mm Waddington Shanks and are 3" long overall. Flies come tied with a Gamakatsu size 2 hook.

The Intruder has quickly become one of the most popular steelhead patterns on the West Coast. It is a fly with a large profile in the water but is easy to pick up. originally designed by West Coast steelhead guide Ed Ward, with the help and feedback of fellow anglers Scott Howell, Jerry French, and Dec Hogan. Since its inception, there have been numerous variations, and it is safe to say that it is more of a style of fly rather than a pattern.

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