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Mystic Tremor Series Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod 9'3" for 9 Weight Line - 4 Piece with Case

Sale price $ 494.95 Regular price $ 499.00
LENGTH: 9'3"
INCLUDES: Cordura Rod case with built-in section dividers
USES: Muskie, Stripers, Tarpon, Estuary Salmon and Steelhead

Fly Rods Made In The USA

Built for big fish and hard work, the Mystic Tremor Saltwater series of rods are unparalleled in performance on the salt.

These rods utilize the same composite materials and corrosion resistant components of the legendary traditional Mystic M-Series of freshwater rods but are reinforced by adding additional layers of the composite material. These additional layers make the rod stronger and much faster in action and exactly what the salt angler needs to handle the size and power of saltwater fish species. The faster action causes the rod to react quicker for faster presentations to fast moving fish and adds the power to cast large flies into the always-present wind while maintaining tight loops and accuracy.

Built on Mystic's proprietary mandrels, Tremor rods are 9’ 3” in length, just like Mystic’s standard series, and are simply the best big fish saltwater rods made! Proudly Made in the USA!

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