Akai Samurai

Action: 6:4
Precio de venta$ 175.00


The Akai Samurai is a 6:4 or 7:3 action, triple zoom (11'/12'/13') rod, that is designed for the weight-conscious angler who is always fishing a mid-sized river. This rod collapses shorter than most in our line-up, making it the ideal rod for your backpacking trip!


Rod Specs:

-6:4  or 7:3 action

-4oz (with tip plug)

-three fishing sizes (fish at 11', 12' or 13')

-18" collapsed length (plus 1/2" with plug)

-7 1/8" reversed half-wells shape, foam handle

-aluminum butt cap (doesn't break like plastic)

-snug-fitting rubber tip plug

-premium carbon fiber (we have never had a fish or snag break this rod)


Rod Sock Specs:


-20 1/2" long

-maroon microfiber

-velcro closure

Rod Tube Specs:

-21 1/4" long


-1 1/2" diameter

-maroon shiny finish

-durable carbon fiber

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