Maruki Sharpshooter

Action: 6:4
Precio de venta$ 165.00


The Maruki Sharpshooter is smallest in our line of triple zoom rods; it can be fished at sizes ranging from 6-9 feet! This is the smallest triple zoom on the market and it's weight reflects that: 2.7oz! This rod casts a furled line like no other we've used, and it is perfect for manipulating the Kebari as it freely floats into a waiting mouth. Although this rod is small and incredibly fun to use on those "micro fish," we have landed fish 18" (and bigger) on it with ease. The Sharpshooter is needed to round out any rod collection!

Rod Specs:

-7:3 or 6:4 action

-2.7oz (with tip plug)

-three fishing sizes (fish at 6', 7.5' or 9')

-21 1/4" collapsed length (plus 1/2" with plug)

-9 1/4" reversed half-wells shape, cork and foam handle

-aluminum butt cap (doesn't break like plastic)

-snug-fitting rubber tip plug

-premium carbon fiber (we have never had a fish or snag break our rods)

Rod Sock Specs:


-23 1/2" long

-blue microfiber

-velcro closure

Rod Tube Specs:

-24" long


-1 1/2" diameter

-blue shiny finish

-durable carbon fiber

We love the Maruki Sharpshooter and are excited to introduce the 6:4 action soon! This rod is designed for the smallest streams, but biggest of adventures. 

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