Trout Flies Assortment - 24 Flies for Trout Fly Fishing with Fly Box - Essential Dry and Wet Fly Selection for All Trout Fly Fishing

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2 flies each of the 12 best tried-and-true trout fly patterns
A great foundation for your trout fishing
Tied with premium Whiting Hackle and Tiemco TMC hooks
24 flies total - 2 each of 12 Patterns listed below

These essential trout fly patterns will catch trout anywhere in the world where they swim!

Parachute Adams #14
Elk Hair Caddis #12
Parachute Adams #14
Royal Wulff #12
Copper John Nymph #14
Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear #14
H & L Variant #14
Crystal Stimulator #14
Dave's Hopper #12
Bead Head Lightning Bug #14
Bead Head Prince Nymph #14
Muddler Minnow #10
Hot Bead San Juan Worm #10

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