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Are you looking to up your Euro nymphing game? It may be time to switch up your fly box. Adding these top 7 Euro nymph flies to your arsenal will not only increase your chances of catching more fish but also add variety to your technique. From the tried-and-true Perdigon to the lesser-known Blow Torch Hot Tag Tactical, this article will provide you with some of the the essential patterns for a successful day on the water. So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to upgrade your Euro nymphing game.

Perdigon Euro Jig 
Perdigon Euro Nymph Fly
A go-to fly for Euro nymphing is the Perdigon. The Perdigon originates from the competition fly fishing scene, specifically from Spanish fly fishers. This fly features a streamlined, heavy body with a thin coating of UV resin, providing both durability and an attractive shine underwater. The Perdigon is known for its quick sink rate, making it ideal for fishing in fast-flowing, deep waters. When tying your own Perdigon, try different color schemes on a small jig hook and incorporate tungsten beads to achieve the desired weight. As with most Euro nymphing flies, use a light-colored thread to tie the body and add some flash for attraction. By adding the Perdigon to your fly box, you will have a reliable option for targeting those bottom-dwelling fish.

Frenchie Euro Jig 

Frenchie Euro Nymph Fly

Like the Perdigon, the Frenchie is one of the most popular flies for Euro nymphing. This fly also originated from the competitive fly fishing scene, specifically from French fly fishers, hence the name. The Frenchie features a slim profile and a highly-visible hot spot, making it an excellent attractor fly. Like the Perdigon, tungsten beads are used to achieve the desired weight and quick sink rate. When tying your own Frenchie, consider using natural-colored dubbing and a thread color that matches the hot spot. With its versatility and effectiveness, the Frenchie is a must-have for any Euro nymphing angler.

Black Bead Jigged Prince

Euro Prince Jigged Nymph

The Prince is a classic fly that has been around for decades and is still a favorite among nymphing anglers. Similar to the Frenchie, the Euro Prince features a slim profile, but with a touch of flash from the peacock herl. The contrasting colors of the peacock herl and the Black Bead provide excellent visibility in varying water conditions. This attractive fly can imitate a variety of insect species and is effective in both fast and slow-moving water.

Tactical Copper John

Tactical Euro Copper John Nymph

The Tactical Copper John is a reliable and adaptable fly that can mimic a range of aquatic insects. Its copper body and tungsten bead head provide enough weight for a quick descent, making it ideal for nymphing in deep waters. The fly's copper wire ribbing creates an attractive shimmer that catches the attention of curious fish. Add the Tactical Copper John in a variety of body colors to your fly box for a go-to option when targeting fish in varying water conditions.

Euro Hot Spot Pheasant Tail


Hot Spot Pheasant Tail Euro Nymph

Another reliable and versatile fly to add to your collection is the Hot Spot Pheasant Tail. This simple yet effective pattern features a bright red or orange hotspot that can make all the difference in attracting fish, especially in murky waters. Adding a tungsten bead head gives it the necessary weight and a natural movement in the water. The Hot Spot Pheasant Tail is a staple in many fly anglers' fly box and can be used in a variety of fishing situations.

Blow Torch Hot Tag Tactical

Blow Torch Tactical Euro Nymph

The Blow Torch Hot Tag Tactical is a fly that takes the Hot Spot Pheasant Tail to the next level. Its bright red or orange tag is larger and more vibrant than the Hot Spot Pheasant Tail, making it easier for fish to spot in low-light conditions.

The Blow Torch Hot Tag Tactical features a tungsten bead head for weight and movement in the water, but its unique design and bright colors make it an irresistible option for trout and other gamefish. This fly is especially effective in streams and rivers with fast-moving water, where the bright hotspot can quickly catch the attention of fish.

Black Bead Jigged Hare's Ear

Tactical Jigged Euro Hares Ear Nymph

The Black Bead Jigged Hare's Ear is a classic fly pattern that every angler should have in their fly box. It's a versatile nymph that does an excellent job of imitating a wide range of aquatic insects, making it an effective option in various fishing scenarios.

The black tungsten bead head on this fly provides the weight necessary to get it down into deeper water quickly. This also helps to produce a jigging action that mimics the natural movement of insects in the water. The hare's ear dubbing used in the body of the fly is an incredibly effective material for imitating the profile of a wide range of aquatic insects.

When paired with the Blow Torch Hot Tag Tactical, the Black Bead Jigged Hare's Ear can be even more effective. The bright, eye-catching color of the Blow Torch Hot Tag Tactical provides a target that fish won't be able to resist. Together, these flies create a deadly combination that's sure to help you catch more fish on your next fishing trip.

Adding these top 7 Euro nymph flies to your fly box is a guaranteed way to elevate your Euro nymphing game. These patterns have been tried and tested, and have consistently proven to catch fish and lead to a successful day on the water. Don't be afraid to experiment with different sizes, colors, and variations to find the perfect combination that works for you. Remember, the key to success is to keep trying and never give up. So go ahead, tie on one of these flies and give it a go. Good luck on the water!


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Just learning to Euro! Nice bunch of flies – I like the Blowtorch – super saucy!

Jake long

Jake long

Have all these except the Tactical Copper Johns – great take on my old standby. I do like my Hot Spot PTs to be orange, but this one looks killer too



Thanks for this – picked up a couple new ideas – will definitely be trying out the Blow Torch and the hot spot pheasant tail!

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