3 Pack Tungsten Hot Bead Walt's Worm Jig Tactical Czech Nymph Euro Nymphing Fly - Hook Size 16

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Czech Tactical nymphing multiple jigged fly rigs have become the go to method for fly fishing success, especially in competitive fly fishing.
Tungsten beads for getting deep in the water column quickly in the faster waters that Euro fly fishers typically fish.
Czech, Euro-style and Tactical nymphing uses the small profile of the fly and the tungsten bead head to get the lightly dressed flies deep in the water column quickly.
The jig fly hook results in the fly swimming hook point up, allowing for more hookups and fewer snags.
Hand Tied Bead Head Walts Worm Jigged Tactical Euro Polish Czech Nymph Flies - Set of 3 Flies Hook Size 16

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