Slumpbuster Bouface Muddy Buddy Bunny Streamer Flies Collection - Set of 8 Big Bass and Trout Cone Head and Bead Head Fly Fishing Wet Flies - Hook Sizes 4 and 6

Sale price$ 24.95


  • Muddy Buddy Olive and Black, Slump Buster Olive and Black, Bouface and Zuddler
  • Set of 8 Flies - Hook Sizes 4 and 6 - A selection of 8 of the proven best streamers for large fish.
  • This streamer fly assortment should be in every big bass and trout hunter's fly box.
  • Great fly fishing flies for bass, salmon, steelhead and large trout.
  • Explore our huge selection of premium fishing flies and then enjoy your time on the water!

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