Trout Fly Assortment - Essential Terrestrials Fly Fishing Flies Collection - Includes Foam Hoppers, Ants, Beetles, and Cicadas - 1 Dozen Trout Flies with Fly Box

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12 great Grasshopper, Beetle, Ant and Cicada Terrestrial fly patterns
Perfect for matching terrestrials that trout, bass and panfish feed on during the heat of summer or after rain showers and wind events
Tied with Premium Tiemco hooks and Metz materials
12 flies total - 1 each of 12 Patterns listed below
Makes a great gift for your favorite angler

Sometimes nothing will work except a juicy terrestrial bug, especially in the dead of summer or after a rain shower. This essential selection of terrestrial fly patterns will get you strikes when nothing else will!

Red Top Foam Beetle #10
Parachute Poly Body Hopper #10
Green Top Foam Hopper #10
Yellow Mantis BLT Foam Hopper #10
Bullethead Cicada Hopper #10
Tan Feth Foam Body Hopper #10
Yellow Morrish Hopper #10
Dave Whitlock's Hopper #10
X Hopper Poly Wing #10
Red/Black Fur Ant #12
Flying Cinnamon Fur Ant #12
Flying Black Fur Ant #12

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